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Join the PROTINFIX Brand Ambassador Program and get amazing benefits, such as free products, 5% cash commission on every eligible purchase you refer, and a 5% discount for your friends, family, and followers. Whether you have a large social media audience or a close circle of friends, you can share your passion for PROTINFIX and create a community around our brand. Become our affiliate and show your love for PROTINFIX today!


  1. Earn commission on sales made through your ambassador code.
  2. Receive occasional product shipments.
  3. Gain access to exclusive codes and promotions.


PROTINFIX Brand Ambassador  partners earn commission on all orders. Earn up to 5% commission on all Protinfix purchases made via your ambassador code. With an average order value of ₹599, commissions can quickly add up! We look forward to having you join us!

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Collaborate with us to bring premium, protein-packed gourmet delights to your audience. Offering non-vegetarian pickles, fish and meat jerky, and fresh/frozen seafood and meats, our brand is dedicated to delivering high-quality protein products that your followers will love.

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