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Seer Fish / Vanjaram / Fish

Seer Fish / Vanjaram / Fish

  • 💪Protein-20g
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Discover the delicious and nutritious Seer fish, also known as king mackerel or surmai. With its impressive weight of up to 45 kg, this popular seafood option is a favorite in India and around the world. Enjoy its many health benefits by cooking it in your preferred way, whether fried, grilled, baked, or in a flavorful curry. Buy in bulk for wholesale prices.

This versatile Seer Fish, also known as Vanjaram, is a must-try for fish lovers. Its robust flavor and firm texture make it perfect for a variety of dishes. With each bite, you'll experience the benefits of its high-quality protein and essential nutrients. Expand your culinary horizons and add Seer Fish to your menu today.


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